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What Are The Benefits Of Insulating Glass With Built-in Shutters?

Hollow glass built-in louver doors and windows are made up of double-layer tempered glass, with venetian blinds built into the glass. The slats are controlled by the handle magnetron, or the built-in motor can be controlled by a switch or remote control. Controlling the light entering the room by adjusting the angle of the louver is a kind of door and window sunshade product. The louver is installed in the hollow glass, which not only retains the beautiful and practical characteristics of the window covering louver, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the window covering louver cleaning trouble.

Energy saving

In the summer, when the louver is adjusted to the closed state, the direct sunlight can be blocked, the convection of the hot and cold air can be blocked, and the energy consumption of the indoor air conditioner can be greatly reduced. In the winter, the louver can be opened to directly illuminate the sunlight, fully absorb the heat energy, and the barrier of the hollow layer will make the indoor warm air not easily lost, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.

Dust and pollution prevention

Because the louver is built into the hollow layer of the glass, it does not need to be cleaned, saving time and labor. Create a quiet, comfortable and healthy environment while creating a personal and intimate space.

Fire resistance

Traditional curtains are flammable, and in the event of a fire, curtains made of cloth, chemical fiber, etc. will release a large amount of toxic fumes when burned, causing indoor suffocation and casualties. The hollow glass built-in louver doors and windows are not only burnt by open flames, but also do not release smoke in the fire. Double-layer tempered glass and built-in aluminum venetian blinds also have the function of blocking flame transmission, effectively reducing the incidence of fire, and are a reliable fireproof product.

Sound insulation

According to the test, the insulating glass generally reduces the noise transmitted to the room from the outdoor. The built-in louver doors and windows of the insulating glass will reduce the indoor noise, and the noise reduction can reach about 30 decibels to ensure the sound insulation effect.


In areas where the winter is colder, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the frosty phenomenon of the general glass door and window system will occur. The use of hollow glass built-in louver doors and windows, due to its good air tightness and water tightness, thereby isolating the phenomenon of moisture, effectively avoiding the freezing frost on the door and window glass.


It adopts double-sided hollow tempered glass, which is resistant to wind and external impact, and is suitable for high-rise and coastal buildings.

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