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What are the standard for building door and window acceptance specifications?

The bedroom and the living room are generally designed to be flat-opened or inverted windows. The flat-opening windows are airtight, watertight and soundproof. They are easy to open, safe and easy to clean. They also meet the large ventilation of the bedroom and living room. The use of functional requirements. National regulations require that outside windows be not allowed for more than 7 floors.

The bathroom window generally has a small opening and is slender. It is usually designed as a window-turning series, and is mainly a flip-turn window. It meets the requirements of small ventilation and ventilation. It does not occupy the space when it is opened, but the disadvantage is that the open state is not rainproof. it is good. When the flapping window is opened and closed, the human arm needs to protrude out of the window, the safety is poor, and the opening angle is limited.

The design of the dining room and kitchen window should be designed according to the actual window opening size, room layout and façade decoration requirements. It can be designed to open the window and turn the window. There is no fixed mode.

Common windows such as stairwells and aisles have low insulation performance and poor maintenance. They are generally designed as sliding windows. They do not occupy indoor space, avoid scratching, and are easy to maintain. At the same time, the cost is low and the economy is good.

Schools such as primary schools and kindergartens should use open windows or sliding windows to prevent children from being bumped and injured.

Special position windows must fully consider what functional requirements are used and try to satisfy them. For example, the guard room must have a small duty window, usually a sliding window, and the dining hall can have special functions such as a meal.

In the window design, it must be combined with the engineering price, fully considered for the owners, and economical, such as the main bedroom or living room window, which mainly uses functional windows, which can be designed as inner opening inner window and other secondary position window. It can be designed as a single flat window.

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