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Reasons For Replacing Doors And Windows

Whether it is a private home or a commercial building, doors and windows are essential items. The following five reasons are why you need new doors and windows.

Poor quality of materials

The door and window products used by the developers are low in cost. Most of the raw materials are ordinary architectural aluminum profiles. The quality of the profiles is poor and the wind pressure resistance is not strong. When faced with the threat of typhoon, the form is easily deformed and safe. Threat. Replacement of aluminum alloy doors and windows, not only strong hardness, anti-deformation, but also better weather resistance.

Poor hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows. The hardware and accessories of the doors and windows of new houses are cheap and inferior. Not only do people have a bad hand feeling, but they also have a smooth product experience. They are also very easy to rust and fall off, which is easy to cause a safety accident. Relatively speaking, imported door and window hardware will be more flexible and durable, so as to achieve a better product experience.

Difficult to clean

When the doors and windows of the new house are built or the owner renovates, because the protective measures are not done, the doors and windows will be scratched or the mud of the decoration will be difficult to repair and clean, which will affect the appearance of the doors and windows, and replace the doors and windows. A new look.

Monotonous color

The color of the doors and windows of the new house is 99% solid (sand ash, brown, etc.), the color is single and old, and it is difficult to match the home color or decoration style.

Simple function and unable to meet basic needs

The doors and windows of the developer are monotonous, and the anti-theft and sound insulation of the doors and windows are relatively poor. The doors and windows are easily shaken and the outdoor noise is strong. The door and window with better quality have multi-lock linkage design, it is difficult to move and deform, the lock is safer, and the anti-theft property is further improved.

In fact, whether it is the renovation of the rough house or the second renovation of the house, we should pay special attention to the quality of the doors and windows, and pay attention to the safety, decoration and anti-theft of the doors and windows.

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