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About Aluminum Alloy Folding Door

Nowadays, the folding door has become a popular indoor and outdoor door product in modern home decoration. According to the overall decoration style, the folding door style is selected. The unique design and high quality material will bring a different life experience. This article will give you an in-depth understanding of aluminum folding doors.


The biggest feature of the folding door is that it is very spacious after opening, simple push-pull telescopic action, which can easily play the role of separating the space, and can effectively save the space occupied by the door leaf. It has beautiful appearance, wide vision, novel style and unique excellence. Decorative effect.

Secondly, the folding door has long service life, thermal insulation, moisture proof, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, good gloss, good sealing, light weight and bending resistance, and other excellent aluminum alloy profiles; It is easy to push and pull, save space, high lightness, beautiful appearance, diverse colors, no harmful human body, and meet the requirements of China's environmental protection home.

Applicable range of aluminum alloy folding door

Because of its light weight, easy installation and no restrictions on the venue, it is suitable for all kinds of villa doors, living room doors, sun room doors, store doors, studio doors, garage doors and so on. It should be noted whether the weight of the wall is applicable.

Buy aluminum folding door

Hand rubbing the door, panel, corner of the door, feel no scratch, feel soft and delicate; stand on the side of the door to see if the painted surface of the door has irregular waves, generally flat, non-concave folding door It is qualified.

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