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How To Choose Soundproof Window?

Soundproof windows play an important role in home decoration. Hoping to make home life quieter, free from the noise of outdoor noise, and ensure the tranquility of the home environment. The choice of soundproof glass windows is indispensable. So how can we choose a good quality soundproof glass window?


The material of the soundproof glass window on the market includes: insulating glass, vacuum glass, multi-layer insulating glass and the like. Among them, the vacuum glass window has the best sound insulation effect; the insulating glass can only isolate the audio with higher or less energy, and the isolation effect for low frequency or high energy noise is not very good; the sound insulation effect of the double layer insulating glass Relatively poor, but the security is very high.

Aluminum profile

At present, the window frame of the soundproof glass window is mainly made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of good sound insulation effect, good sealing performance, low price and convenient installation.


The installation of soundproof glass windows is indispensable for the use of hardware accessories. When purchasing, it is necessary to observe whether the model of the hardware accessories is matched with the window, whether the color is consistent, and whether the assembly is complete.

Sealing strip

If the soundproof glass window is not tightly sealed, the basic function of the soundproof glass window to block noise can not be achieved, so the sealing strip is indispensable when installing the soundproof glass window. At present, the sealing strip has a wool sealing strip and a rubber sealing strip. After the long-term use of the wool sealing strip, the phenomenon of depilation occurs, and the sealing property of the window is lowered, and the rubber sealing strip is easily aged after being used for a long time, so it is required in daily life. Regularly check the tightness of the seal.

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