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How To Customize The Slim Frame Sliding Door?

The slim frame sliding door is now a very popular product, and the slim frame sliding door makes the space view spacious and reduces the feeling of depression. Many people use it to match various styles of home decoration, creating a simple and stylish home. Therefore, customizing a slim frame sliding door has become a choice for many people to decorate, then, how to customize a suitable slim frame sliding door?

Style based on door hole size

To customize the slim frame sliding door, you first need to measure the specific size of the door hole, and determine the slim frame sliding door according to the door hole size. Generally, the width of each door leaf should not exceed 1.2 meters, less than 0.6 meters, and the height should not exceed 2.5 meters and less than 2.1 meters. The slim frame sliding door customized according to this standard is beautiful and safe.

Color must match the decorative style

The choice of color is a problem that can not be ignored in custom slim frame sliding doors. When choosing a color, do not choose according to your own preferences, but should pay attention to the overall style of the room, so that it looks more harmonious and beautiful. Because it is custom, the color cannot be changed once it is determined. Therefore, you must pay attention to this when customizing slim frame sliding doors.

Looking for a professional factory to customize

When customizing the slim frame sliding door, it must be customized to the professional factory. The professional factory pays more attention to quality, word of mouth, service, etc. The product style and color are richer. Especially for the slim frame sliding door, because the frame of the door is very narrow, it is necessary to use a thick aluminum alloy profile, and the thickness of the profile should exceed 2.0mm, so that the slim frame sliding door can be safely used. If it is customized to a small factory, the profile wall may be used. Very thin materials lead to a significant reduction in service life and a safety risk.

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