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Aluminum Alloy Doors VS Wood Doors


Are you looking to replace or purchase the doors in your home or business? Deciding which framing material you want is an important decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Your selection will impact the installation’s cost, durability, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements and more. Compare wood doors and aluminum alloy doors, two popular material choices, to see which one suits you best.



Many people appreciate the elegance of solid wood doors and look very tasteful, but there are also many people who are afraid of the choice of solid wood doors. Wood, texture and other links, if not a person who is very deep in wood research, it is difficult to choose the first-class solid wood door, and the aluminum alloy door is relatively simple. Moreover, aluminum alloy doors are the mainstream in the modern door and window market. After years of innovation and development, some big brand manufacturers have accumulated certain brand benefits and will not make fakes on products.Therefore, the choice of aluminum alloy doors is more insurance, and the aesthetics and practical effects are not bad, and have their own unique advantages.


First of all, from the perspective of indoor lighting, solid wood doors tend to completely block the light, which will darken the indoor light environment, giving people a sense of oppression. Some good solid wood doors will not appear dull, but Often expensive, the price is generally not high. The aluminum alloy sliding door is different. The aluminum alloy profile plus tempered glass will not affect the indoor light, making the room look more spacious and its unique modern aesthetic is also outstanding.



In addition, although the solid wood door is elegant and noble, but after years of corrosion, the solid wood door is easy to be deformed and corrupted, it needs to be constantly painted and maintained, and it will emit formaldehyde harmful to the human body, and the aluminum sliding door is completely environmentally friendly and has outstanding corrosion resistance. Can solve people's worries. Some people may think that the use of aluminum sliding doors is relatively limited, often used in kitchens, balconies, etc., but it is no longer suitable for the privacy of the bedroom and bathroom, which is a big mistake. The tempered glass is completely frosted to ensure the privacy of people's lives.

In general, solid wood doors and aluminum sliding doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, but good solid wood doors require good wood, precision processing, and often expensive, if you do not study wood, you may be deceived. Aluminum alloy sliding doors are very mature, and have a more mature market environment, there will be a very reasonable price, and the performance and aesthetics are not bad, worthy of your possession.

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