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A good door and window, A comfortable life

The door is the entrance and exit of home, and the window is the entrance and exit of nature. You can enjoy the beauty of nature through them, and let the wind and the sun rise into your arms, so that the wind and cold will escape.

In daily life, a window determines the quality of life of a family, isolates impetuousness and anxiety, and enjoys comfort and warmth.


Doors and windows that meet people's home life should be reflected in the following aspects: warm in winter and cool in summer, good in energy saving and heat preservation; frame is firm, no fear of typhoon; no leakage in rain; when business trips come back, furniture is no longer a layer of "grey"; Sound insulation and noise reduction, creating a quiet and comfortable home environment.


So, How to choose a silent door and window?


1. Material selection

The glass material of the sound-insulating glass window is divided into ordinary glass, hollow glass, multi-layer insulating glass and vacuum glass. The vacuum glass of these kinds of glass has the best sound insulation effect, and the sound is not sounded in the vacuum.


2. Sealing options

Seal-ability refers to the degree of sealing of the window, including the sealing of the glass to the frame. At present, there are two main types of sealing strips on the market, one is a wool seal and the other is a rubber seal. The wool seal and the rubber seal have their own shortcomings. The wool seal is easy to remove hair after a long time, which greatly reduces the sealing effect; and the rubber seal is easy to harden and aging after being exposed to the wind, sun and rain, and also reduces the sealing effect.


3. Window frame selection

From the perspective of sound insulation effect, aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows are good. Aluminum alloy windows are easy to install and moderately priced, and are widely used, but ordinary aluminum alloy windows have a large sound when pulled, and the heat conduction is fast. After long-term use, the sealing performance will gradually decrease, affecting the later use, and the new broken aluminum alloy window can make up for these shortcomings.


4. Quality selection

1. Look at the materials: including aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, color is consistent, hardware assembly is complete.


2. Look at processing: high-quality aluminum alloy window, fine processing, smooth tangent, uniform angle (the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), there will be no obvious gaps in the splicing process, the switch is smooth.


3. Look at the glass: see if it is hollow glass, there is no coating, and the composite film is generally resistant to corrosion, abrasion and high gloss.


4. Look at the size: check if the window size is correct.

Lightly open the door, you can feel the quiet life different from the moment when huge aluminum doors and windows open. Choosing a good door and window is to choose a lifestyle. From then on, don't have to rush, or calmly!



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