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The advantages of aluminum thermal break window

In the market of aluminum windows and doors, we know that there are Thermal break aluminum profile and nonthermal break. Do you know the difference between them?

Generally speaking, the material is the same, the windows of the two are made of aluminum alloy profiles.

Thermal break aluminum window, As the name implies, the aluminum profile is made of aluminum alloy on both sides, but the middle is insulated with nylon insulation strip. The insulation strip mentioned is very similar to the bridge on the river. The function of the insulation strip is heat insulation. It can play a role in insulation and break the high heat transfer of aluminum, so it is usually called a thermal break.

Nonthermal break aluminum alloy window does not have intermediate partitions. The whole is made of aluminum alloy, and the thermal conductivity of metal is better, so its heat conduction, heat preservation and safety are worse than broken bridges. The price of broken aluminum casement windows will be more expensive than that of non-broken bridges.

The aluminum window of the thermal break has air tightness, good water tightness and superior thermal insulation performance. It adopts doublelayer hollow tempered glass, which makes the casement window truly show sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation function. What you may not know is that the bridge aluminum The alloy casement window can help the family to save heating and cooling costs. The later return is much higher than the previous investment. The energysaving and environmental protection doors and windows are aluminum thermal break window.

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