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What are the benefits of laminated glass?

The robust nature and thickness of laminated glass lend it a whole host of benefits:

· Increased security: 

The strength of laminated glass make it almost impossible to break, so any unauthorised person would struggle to gain entry. Even if a break was to occur, the interlayers holdup the strength of the structure so that widening the gap is extremely difficult to do.

· Reduced emissions:  

Low-emissivity glass can help to reduce heat gain from the sun, which allows air conditioning to be used less frequently and emissions to be reduced.

· Reduced noise pollution: 

Installing a thick piece of laminated glass causes noise waves to become disrupted when they travel through the material, helping to reduce noise pollution.

· Increased safety: 

As the glass doesn’t shatter when broken, there is a reduced risk of someone being cut or injured by shards of glass.

· Protection from natural disasters: 

In the arrival of natural disasters or volatile weather, laminated glass will remain in its frame, reducing the risk of accidents and making a life-threatening situation slightly safer.

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