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Do you understand the soundproof glass?

  •  Hollow glass

The insulating effect of hollow glass is 8-15 decibels.

This kind of glass is commonly used in the market as the soundproof glass, belonging to the second generation glass, the first generation glass is a single piece of glass, and the third generation glass is a glass with a sound insulation effect of 25 decibels or more.

  •  Multi-layer hollow glass

The sound insulation effect is 15-21 decibels.

In order to save money, many consumers think that adding a layer of insulating glass window behind the original insulating glass window can reduce the sound to a very low level. In fact, this is a Misunderstanding, the measured results: the noise is only about 5 decibels on the basis of the original first window! Why is this happening? This is determined by the physical properties of the insulating glass. The insulating limit of the hollow glass is between 8 and 15 decibels. If it exceeds its soundproofing limit, it is very difficult to drop it down.


  • Laminated glass

Its sound insulation effect 25--45 decibels.

Laminated glass has a good sound insulation effect, and the interlayer sound insulation glass has different sound insulation effects due to different technical contents of different manufacturers. If the interlayer film in the laminated glass is a very soft and elastic sound-damping damping glue, the interlayer glass damping coefficient can be increased, thereby increasing the sound insulation of the laminated glass. The sound insulation can reach 25-38 decibels or even higher.


  • Multi-layer composite laminated glass.

Its sound insulation effect 25--45 decibels.

Multi-layer composite laminated glass is a combination of hollow and laminated glass. This combination structure, compared with the building environmental testing center of Tsinghua University, the most authoritative acoustic and acoustic testing mechanism in China, shows that multi-layer composite laminated glass is the most soundproofing performance. A good combination structure, in actual installation and use, such as traffic trunk roads, high-speed roadsides, large overpasses, etc., indoors can reach a quiet level close to the basement, this glass also has thermal insulation, energy saving Consumption, anti-theft and explosion-proof functions


Adding soundproof windows has become a necessary choice to alleviate urban noise to us. The troubles that come with it.

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