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How to choose the thickness of glass for decoration

Generally speaking, different requirements need different thickness of glass, the details are as follows:

1, 3mm glass. we refer to glass with a thickness of 3 mm. This type of glass is mainly used for the frame surface.
2, 5-6 mm glass, mainly used for small-area light-transparent shapes such as exterior wall windows and door fans;
3, 7-9mm glass, mainly used for large areas such as indoor screens but also with frame protection.
4, 9-10 mm glass, can be used for indoor large-area partitions, barriers and other renovation projects.
5, 11-12 mm glass, can be used for floor spring glass doors and some large partitions of active people.
6, 15mm or more of glass, generally less on the market, often need to order, mainly used for a large area of the floor spring glass door exterior wall glass wall.

In daily life, we recommend you to use thick glass for your house, like 8-10mm tempered glass or 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm laminated glass or 5mm+12A+5mm double glass to achieve soundproof, windproof and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the glass of all our windows is processed on the basis of tempered glass. For example, you want a laminated glass, the glass also is tempered glass.

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