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Why Are My Aluminum Windows & Doors Leaking?

Many families are troubled by the leakage of windows. When it rains, the rain sees water from all parts of the window. While the wall is peeled off for a long time, the floor is upturned, which makes people feel a headache. Today we will talk about the reasons for water leakage. Make a reference when selecting doors and windows in the future to avoid such problems from happening again.

Leakage at the seam

The aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy profiles. The joints between the four corners and the atrium are prone to small seams. Especially when the drizzle is raining, the rain will seep into the room from the gap, so when we choose the doors and windows, we must Look at the processing of the corners of the corner, it is best to choose the injection molding process, with the precise cornering of the glue injection and the two-component injection molding process to ensure the sealing performance of the door and window.

Water leakage between the wall and the frame

Generally, the reason for water leakage in this case is that the installation is unqualified. The most common type of gap treatment is to make styrofoam. After the styrofoam is dried, a layer of waterproof glue will be applied on the outside. Some workers may not use waterproof glue. Well, or not at all, waterproof rubber, styrofoam is exposed for a long time, after a winter, the styrofoam will be powdered, then there will be no waterproof effect, know this factor, and later install windows and doors Must be supervised on site.

Leakage at the opening

Leakage at the opening, indicating that the quality of the doors and windows is not good, the sealing is not strict, teach you two simple and quick methods to check the sealing of the doors and windows: 1. Put a piece of paper between the opening fan frames and close the opening fan. Then quickly pull out the paper by hand. If it can be pulled out, the sealing of the door and window is not good. On the contrary, it shows that the sealing is very good. 2. Ignite a candle indoors. When there is wind outside, the candle light sways, indicating that the sealing is not good. On the contrary, it indicates that the sealing is very good.

Rainwater intrusion leads to water leakage

Another reason is that rainwater intrusion leads to water leakage, especially during heavy winds and heavy rains. We all know that the general wind is blown from bottom to top. This situation will cause the drainage system of the window to be blocked. The rainwater will not drain out and slowly infiltrate into the room. Therefore, we should choose the aluminum alloy doors and windows. The hidden drainage system can effectively prevent rainwater from being poured.

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