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Advantages of Shutter

Blinds are a type of window that is becoming more and more common in today's life. Many owners prefer to install blinds during renovations, which is inseparable from their multiple functions.

High-end materials, beautiful appearance

The material of the blinds is mainly aluminum alloy, which is energy-saving and beautiful. Compared with the curtains, the blinds can be completely stowed, simple and neat, simple and generous, and the scenery outside the window can be seen at a glance. The curtains take up part of the space of the window, which makes the width of the visual window in the room affected and cumbersome.

Protect indoor privacy

Generally, the curtains have the function of protecting the privacy of the room. The difference is that the blinds block the outside line of sight by the direction of the bumps of the blades, thereby achieving the purpose of privacy protection. Moreover, when the blinds are lowered, the sunlight can be well blocked.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

The material for making the blinds is a material with good heat insulation. Whether it is high temperature in summer or cold in winter, it can effectively maintain the indoor temperature. It can be cool in winter and warm in summer, and it also achieves the purpose of energy saving.

The blinds are simple and easy to adjust, and the angle of the blades can be adjusted to control the incoming light. The blades can be adjusted to the most suitable position, once again to achieve the purpose of warm winter and cool summer.

Block ultraviolet rays

The blinds can also effectively block the injection of ultraviolet rays and protect the interior furniture from the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Sound insulation

The curtains are undulating, and it is easy to expose the privacy of indoor life, while the louvered layered design ensures the privacy of the home. In addition, when the blinds are completely closed, it is like a window, which can play the role of sound insulation.

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