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Doors And Windows That Can Withstand Storms

Summer is a rainy season. The rainstorm not only hinders people from traveling normally, but also poses a serious threat to home safety. As a result, many households have fallen windows, broken glass, and even injured pedestrians. According to relevant professionals, natural disasters cannot be avoided, but doors and windows can be “man-made”, and consumers can avoid such risks by purchasing high-performance products correctly. So, what kind of doors and windows can resist the storm?

Aluminum quality

The hardness and thickness of aluminum are the basic guarantee, which plays a decisive role in the robustness of the door and window frame. It is reported that the national standard aluminum alloy door and window profile thickness is 1.4mm, in order to improve the safety performance of the window, the door frame and door leaf of the HUGE ALUMINUM are made of national standard aluminum profiles, and some profiles have a wall thickness of 2.0mm, which is better than the general aluminum door and window profiles. More solid and durable. Only when the frame is not deformed can it have supporting force, and such a window will not fall off easily.

Door and window device

According to the investigation of the damage of the windows of the residents, the windows that were dropped by the storms caused more installations to pursue the “beauty” of the appearance, while ignoring the scientific principles. HUGE ALUMINUM is aware of the importance of the problem. It has specially equipped the window sash retainer to solve the problem that the window is loose due to loose screws, which greatly improves the safety performance of the floor and door windows.

Glass configuration and sealing performance

The glass is strong enough to compete with the hail. For HUGE ALUMINUM, there is no effort on the glass. The window is equipped with tempered glass with high hardness and safety five times higher than ordinary glass.

Finally, it is recommended that when purchasing door and window products, in addition to paying attention to the beauty of the doors and windows themselves, it is also necessary to consider the door and window configuration and its safety performance.

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