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Choose Aluminum Window, You Need To Do 5 Things

Windows are a very massive part of your home improvement project, both regarding appearance and budget. But, how to choose and purchase the appropriate windows for our house?As long as you just need to do 5 things.

Look at the materials

The main materials for aluminum windows generally include three aspects: aluminum profiles, glass, hardware. High-quality aluminum windows are used to pay attention to the profile: in terms of individual quality, tempered glass is better than ordinary glass; stainless steel hardware accessories is better than aluminum fittings.

Look at processing

The high-quality aluminum windows are finely processed, the tangential line is smooth, the angle is the same, and there should be no obvious gap in the splicing process, the sealing performance is good, and the switch is smooth. Inferior aluminum windows, especially outdoor aluminum window products, if processed unqualified, there will be sealing problems, not only leakage of wind and rain, but also the phenomenon of cracking and falling off under the action of strong wind and large external force.

Look at the appearance

The surface of the window should not have obvious scratches, scratches, bumps and other defects. The surface of adjacent members should not have a noticeable chromatic aberration. And the surface of the window should not have aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains, and there should be no spilled adhesive at the assembly joint.

Look at performance

The performance of aluminum windows usually has to consider the following aspects: strength, reflected in the material selection of the profile, whether it can withstand the ultra-high pressure; air tightness, mainly reflected in the structure, whether the inner and outer frame structure of the aluminum window is tight, etc. Watertightness, mainly to check whether there is water and leakage in the aluminum window; sound insulation, which mainly depends on the sound insulation effect of the insulating glass and other special soundproof airtight strip structures, as well as the opening and closing force, the durability of the opening and closing lock, etc.

Look at price

Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality aluminum windows is about 30% higher than that of inferior aluminum windows. Inferior aluminum windows usually use aluminum profiles extruded with recycled aluminum containing a large amount of impurities, and the aluminum profiles used are not up to standard. Whether the tensile strength or the yield is much lower than the national regulations, such aluminum windows, especially the outdoor aluminum windows are very unsafe, so don't be tempted to buy cheap one and neglect safety.

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