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Properties of laminated glass and LOW-E glass



We learned about tempered glass and insulating glass a few days ago, knowing their properties. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of laminated glass and low-e glass.


laminated glass



Laminated glass is a composite glass made of high-temperature and high-pressure between two pieces of glass or multiple pieces of glass with a tough polyvinyl butyral film (PVB). Since the toughness of the PVB film is very good, when the laminated glass is violently impacted and broken by the external force, the film layer absorbs a large amount of punching ability and rapidly attenuates it, because the laminated glass is difficult to be broken even if the laminated glass is broken, The pieces are basically adhered to the film, keeping the pieces on the entire laminated glass from falling off, so it becomes a "safety glass" in the true sense.


LOW-E glass



LOW-E glass, also known as low-emission coated glass, is a film-based product made of multi-layered metal compounds on the surface of float glass by means of magnetron sputtering. It can be used to heat, household appliances and human body in winter. The heat is reflected back into the room and reduces the conduction of the glass itself, thereby greatly reducing heat loss. In summer, it can reduce the outdoor heat radiation into the room and play a good thermal insulation effect. Therefore, the film layer can block the heat transfer formed by the infrared radiation in the room, has a high reflectance to the far-infrared rays, and has excellent heat insulation performance.


Both of the above glasses are ideal for home and business use. Please feel free to contact us if you want.



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