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Inquiry of aluminium glass door from client

Founded in 1985, Guangdong Huge Aluminum Co., Ltd. has experienced talents, technology and management team to provide customers with stable quality and accurate delivery. Recently, we got the inquiry of Aluminum Sliding Door and Aluminum Folding Door. Below is the details:

1. Product: Customized Thermal break aluminum glass folding/bifold/bi folding door
Inquiry: We need two 8feet x 18 feet folding door

Aluminum Folding Door

2. Product: American Style Tempered Glass Aluminum glass sliding door
Inquiry: We are looking for a black aluminum floor to ceiling outdoor slider 2.06 m high by 5.5 m wide (6.8f x 18f)

Aluminum Sliding Door
Guangdong Huge Aluminum Co., Ltd. is committed to deepening the downstream industry chain of aluminium glass door, and has a complete deep processing capability and processing system for aluminium glass door. Production of various aluminum processing products, such as furniture products, industrial equipment parts, finished doors and windows and glass curtain wall products. 

The performance and environmental protection indicators of various products of the company are in line with the requirements of international standards, and the products are exported to all over the world. The annual output of aluminum profiles can reach 30,000 tons, and it has the deep processing capacity of aluminum products with an annual output of 10,000 tons. 

Welcome to contact us: Mob: 86-18307573772
Whatsapp: 86-18307573772

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