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How To Choose Aluminum Folding Door

The folding door is mainly composed of a door frame, a door leaf, a transmission component, a rotating arm component, a transmission rod, an orientation device and the like. This door can move the door to the side and takes up less space, so it is widely loved by consumers. But today's folding door brands are numerous, and the quality of the products is mixed. How should we buy high-quality folding doors?

Check the appearance

When we select the folding door, we first see the appearance of the door. When checking the surface of the folding door, we can use the hand touch and the side light to identify the appearance quality. First, touch the door, panel, and corner of the door with your hand. It feels scratch-free and feels soft and delicate. Then stand on the side of the door to see if there is any uneven wave on the painted surface of the door panel. Generally, the flat, non-concave folding door is qualified.

Is the folding door sliding flexible?

At the time of selection, we can try to slide the folding door and measure its quality by the texture of the door sliding. When people slide the folding door, there may be a misunderstanding. The folding door is lighter and better when folded. In fact, this view is wrong. The high-quality folding door should not be too light when sliding. It will be too heavy, but with a certain weight of the door, there is no vibration or jam when folded, but smooth and textured.

Is the pulley load capacity enough?

The closing of the folding door is done by multiple doors, and the hardware fittings are connected, so the quality is very important. The folding door needs to slide frequently, and whether it can be used for a long time is the quality of the pulley. Because the height of the folding door is relatively high, the door leaf is wider, and the glass and metal door panels are popular nowadays, so the board itself has a large self-weight. If the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, the quality of the folding door will be affected. At the time of purchase, manufacturers can introduce the situation of hardware accessories such as pulleys and hinges, or learn about the related tests on the accessories, and also learn about the product quality.

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