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With the continuous development and improvement of aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers, the performance of aluminum doors and windows has become

 higher and higher, and more and more functions. It has gradually become a must-have choice when decorating thousands of households.

But good things are not good enough to be used, and they need to be maintained. It is easy to use and durable. So do you know how to maintain aluminum alloy doors and windows?

1. When decorating, it is necessary to wrap the frame of the installed aluminum alloy doors and windows with soft cloth to avoid splashing of paint and mud, affecting

 the use and appearance of the doors and windows.

2. Regularly check the hinges, hardware handles and other parts of aluminum doors and windows. If they are loose after long-term use, they should be tightened up in time.

3. If acidic liquid is splashed on aluminum doors and windows during use, wipe them clean in time to avoid fading and discoloration in the surface treatment of aluminum doors 

and windows.

4. In the daily switch operation, do not switch violently, avoid excessive force to cause damage to the hardware accessories, and it is not suitable to scratch the door and window frames 

with sharp objects.

5. Try to keep the room ventilated smoothly, maintain normal room temperature and humidity, especially in winter, do not let the heating equipment directly face the aluminum alloy doors 

and windows to avoid heat and deformation. Although high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows have strong thermal insulation properties, it is always necessary to pay more attention

 to the accumulation of water and rocks. Because the humidity changes too much or the temperature difference is too large, aluminum alloy doors and windows are often prone to 

deformation and cracking, door locks and other accessories are also prone to rust, which affects the use and appearance, and aluminum alloy door and window finish materials 

may also fall off.

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