Curtain Wall
Curtain Wall
aluminium glass curtain wall price
aluminium glass curtain wall price

Price:$120-$150 PER SQURE METER

Product Details

shop aluminium glass curtain wall price

Product Features


All our products can be customized

according to the given specifications and colors from clients.


One-stop solution

——from design to production to shipping

to installation to after service

Our professional team will accompany you all the time.


Curtain wall is made of two or more than two pieces of glass between a space with a certain width which is partitioned by aluminum frame filled with highly efficient molecular absorbent. The edge of insulating glass is sealed by high strength sealing sealants. To ensure the performance of glass, there must be a double sealing. Butyl should be used for the first sealing; polysulfide rubber or silicon structural Sealants should be chosen according to glazing manner.


   1. Good thermal performance

   2. Good sound insulation performance

   3. Anti-dew under low temperature

All products must be inspected and qualified before loading


Product Name

Glass Curtain Wall



Place of Origin

Foshan, Guangdong, China

Aluminum profile thickness

From 2 mm  to 4 mm

Aluminum profile color

White, Black, Brown, Sliver, etc. (Colors can be customized)



Loe-E glass, Single glass, Tempered glass, Laminated glass, Double tempered glass(Insulated glass), Laminated glass, Tinted glass, Colored glass, Reflective glass


Single tempered glass: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm

Laminated glass: 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 8+8...etc.

Double tempered glass: 5+6A+5, 6+6A+6, 5+9A+5, 6+9A+6....etc.

 Color Clear, Blue, Green, Dark brown, etc.  (All colors are avaliable.)

Insulating Gas


Hardware Chinese Top Brand, Germany Brand, Roto, etc.


Quality Standard 


CE, ISO9001

Note: All our products can be customized according to the given specifications and colors from clients.


Packing step: 

Step 1. Put protective tape to protect frames from scratches 
Step 2. Keep products fixed on pallets 
Step 3. Tie products on the pallets with plastic belts 
Step 4. PE films keep windows away from sea water 
Step 5. Air bags to be filled between each pallet to keep it steadily


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Address:   #8, West RD, GuangLong Industrial Park, 
  ChenCun Town, ShunDe  Foshan, Guangdong,China





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